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  - Highly sensitive Touch Screen LCD allows for easy and comfortable use without stand-alone monitors
- Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result
- Various options including External Monitor, Printer or Keyboard to customize to hospitals and users

  - Ultrasound type is received as safe to use among users, alleviating their concern about radiation
  emission as in the case of X-ray.
- Relieve burden on patients as the measurement time is only 15 seconds or less.
- Compact size, easy to move and can be installed anywhere.
- Diagnose osteoporosis by comparing bone mineral density acquired through computer-calculation of
  ultrasound measurement data, to the mean of sample group and standard deviation.
- Minimal difference in repeatability due to temperature change since BQI (Bone Quality Index) is
  calculated, using a combination of SOS and BUA.
- Embedded highly sensitive 6.4” Touch Screen allows for easy and stand-alone measurement
- Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result, guaranteeing optimal
  performance during medical examination on the move.
- Cheaper to maintain due to the probe made of semi-permanent and highly elastic and safe material,
  without requiring balloon which uses water or oil.
- When the foot is put in the equipment, the probe is automatically positioned on both sides of
  calcaneus by fine-tuned pressuring sensor.
- USB port on the back of the equipment makes patient data management easier.

  Measurement Method   Ultrasound
  Measurement Site   Calcaneus (Heel)
  Measurement Time   15 sec.
  Measurement   SOS-BUA=BQI
  Estimated heel BMD and Bone Quality Index (BQI)
  obtained from measureed Broadband Ultrasound
  Attenuation (BUA) and Speed of Sound (SOS)
  Precision & Accuracy   1%
  Separation Range   Automatic adjustment
  Storage Capacity   10,000 Patient information
  Coupling Method   Gel coupled (Water not used)
  Display   6.4 inch TFT LCD
  User Interface   Touch Screen, USB Keyboard (Optional),
  USB Mouse (Optional)
  Printer   Thermal Printer, External Printer (Optional)
  Dimension   300*620*390 mm
  Weight   12 kg